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Födro Aeration Plate

Type 1, used where pressure vessels have to be emptied via rising conduits from atop or via drop conduits from below the vessel. The aeration plates are used where powdry or free-flowing goods are conveyed pneumatically or where automatically emptying silos have to be aerated.

We offer two types or aeration plates: with discharge connecting piece at dead center for vessels to be emptied from below; without discharge connecting piece for vessels to be emtpied from atop.

How they work

Screws and disks have been used to prestress the mounted membrane plates. Thus, dusts or any other materials cannot penetrate into the aeration plate area. Once aeration is activated, the membrane plates lift and gas leaks into the vessel filled with goods. The advantageous angle of the gas used to discharge the vessel ensures that the pressure vessels (silos) are emptied almost residue-free.

Features of construction

  • Low loss of pressure (about 0.001 bar)
  • Spare parts can be ordered at favourable prices for many years
  • Substitution of aeration plate not necessary
Technical drawing

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Rated diameter*
RD 300
RD 350
RD 400
RD 450
RD 500
RD 600
RD 700
RD 800
RD 900
RD 1000
and larger
* Please indicate exact pipe dimensions when ordering.