Product overview

Flat Slide Valve

Födro Flat Slide Valves stand out for their simply design. [view product page]

Annular Gap Nozzle

Födro Annular Gap Nozzles are used wherever streams of free-flowing materials have to be speeded up. [view product page]

Flat Gate Slider Valve for bulk materials

Flat Gate Slider Valves for bulk materials are used of advantage where streams of material have to be interrupted abruptly. [view product page]

Elbow and Diverter Valve

The special elbow and diverters can either be used as elbows or as pipe shunts (diverters). [view product page]

Aeration Plate

Are used where pressure vessels have to be emptied via rising conduits from atop or via drop conduits from below the vessel. [view product page]

2, 3, 4-way Shunting Unit DBP

Födro 2-, 3- and 4-way Shunting Units are exclusively employed where streams of materials conveyed have to be distributed in pneumatic conveying systems. [view product page]