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Födro Flat Slide Valve

Födro Flat Slide Valves stand out for their simply design. They have been developed to be flanged into pipe systems and basically consist of the two housing parts and the slide plate (hole-plate).

Features of construction

  • full cross-sectional area
  • abrasion resistant
  • plain design
  • easy to operate
  • pressure-tight for pressures ranging from 0-10.0 bar (they can even be used with partial vacuum)

Where to be used

Födro Flat Slide Valves are used wherever powdry and free-flowing bulk material is to be conveyed pneumatically. The valves are abrasion resistant and highly reliable in operation, even when highly abrasive materials are being conveyed.

Technical drawing

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Position in which to be installed: any

(Please direct enquiries to the manufacturer.)